Safety Instructions


  1. Do not disassemble the battery without professionals. Disassembling the battery could damage the inner battery cells or electronic components. This could harm the protection system and cause danger. A damaging disassemble could cause the battery risk into high heat, smoke, deform or burn.
  2. Do not short-circuit the battery by directly connecting the positive and negative terminal with metal objects. Please keep the battery away from metal when storage or moving, to avoid damage or short-circuit.
  3. Do not discard the battery in fire or leave the battery near a heat source over 80℃. Heating and burning the battery will melt the battery's inner Isolation, or burn the electrolyte. Overheating will cause the battery to generate heat, smoke, deform or burn.
  4. Do not hit, drop, or break the battery. This could cause the battery to generate heat, smoke, deform or burn, or dangerous situation.
  5. Do not use the obviously broken product.
  6. Please use the original adapter to charge or the adaptor that meets the manufacturer's specified electrical parameters.
  7. Please select the solar panel according to the electrical parameters specified by the manufacturer. It is forbidden to charge with solar panels that are higher than 25V.
  8. Charge the battery cell within the temperature range of 0 to 45 °C, under too low-temperature conditions, it will shorten the cycle life of the battery cell.
  9. On the condition of long-term storage (more than 3 months), it should be stored in a low-humidity environment without corrosive gas in a half-electrical state at a temperature of -10 to 35 °C.
  10. If the product emits off-flavor and heating during charging or storage, stop charging immediately and place it in an open place for long-distance observation. After confirming the safety, contact the manufacturer or dealer.



  • It is a portable energy storage power supply, not a toy, please do not play for children.
  • Please read the product instructions carefully before using.
  • If it is stored for a long time (more than a month), please charge the product to about 70% of the electricity.
  • Do not charge, use or place the product near the source of fire or overheating.
  • Products and accessories are subject to change without notice.
  • This product is a power supply. Please select the corresponding model according to the power equipment. It is forbidden to use this product with overpowering and overload.
  • Do not output the short circuit.
  • This product is set at the factory according to the voltage standards of different countries.
  • Before purchasing and using, please consult the dealer or use the product operating guidebook.
  • When the power of the product is run out, please charge it in time.
  • Product parts are environmentally friendly and recyclable. Please recycle it according to local regulations.
  • In order to save the power of the product, please turn off the power when the product is used up, and turn it on again when you use it next time.
  • If the battery is stored for more than 6 months, please charge and discharge the product 1-2 times in order to extend the service life of the battery.
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