Electric Nettings

35.4"H x 164' L Premium Electric Netting Fence for Sheep & Goat (9/35.4/5.9)


  • Electric netting fence is an electrifiable, prefabricated portable net that arrives at your door as a complete fence. Posts are pre-installed at set intervals. Sturdy plastic struts reduce sag between posts. Multiple rollers can be connected together.
  • Used to raise sheep, goats, guard dogs while keeping stray dogs and coyotes out. Can also be used for cattle and domestic pigs. Not recommended for poultry or other small animals.
  • Our electric netting fence contains 9 horizontal wires (8 electrified). The lowest horizontal strands are not energized to prevent the fence from being grounded. Routine maintenance must be done to minimize grass/weed loads as it will drain the energy of the electric netting fence if it touching the live strands.
  • PVC posts with 6" double stainless steel spikes built into the electric netting fence every 12.5 feet. 35" fiberglass support posts are recommended at the ends and corners to reduce sagging.
  • MUST BE PROPERLY ENERGIZED TO BE EFFECTIVE! Energizer is not included. Recommend approximately .25 joule of energizer per roll of electric netting fence. Only suitable for low impedance or wide impedance intermittent pulse energizers. Warning! Do NOT use continuous output energizers with electric netting fence. For best results, we recommend using a Emaxgrow Solar or AC/DC energizer that fits your specific needs.

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